MIM Software


The MIM (Manager of Interactive Modules) software is a software system written in MATLAB. It consists of a set of modules that work together to present you with an aesthetic, functional and interactive graphical user interface. MIM supports multiple languages. For the moment, English, French, and Dutch are included.

The set of currently available modules is already quite diverse, ranging from

  • visualization and analysis of in situ spacecraft measurements - the application at the origin of MIM;
  • producing nice graphics;
  • assistance in developing new modules and writing documentation for them;
  • MIM system administration;
  • and more...

As an illustration, the example below displays the user interface with time profile plots of data from ESA/NASA's Cluster 4-spacecraft configuration. You can easily reconfigure the interface layout to suit your needs...

manalysis screenshot

Terms of use

We distribute this software in the public domain. We believe the software works correctly, but we do not take any responsibility for any consequences of errors in the code...

You are allowed to use this code freely for educational and scientific research purposes; we only ask that you would properly acknowledge the use of this code. For commercial purposes, you should ask first for our explicit consent, by filling our feedback form (registration required).

Download the software

The different packages of the software are available from our download page (registration required).

Contact address, support and registration

The modules are designed in an object-oriented way. If you feel you need some new functionality, you can update a module and/or write a new module, send it to us, and we'll make it available to everybody.

We'll try to support this software as good as we reasonably can. You can report bugs, corrections, etc (registration required), or sign up (registration required) to our distribution list for receiving information about updates and extensions to the code.


This code was developed at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, a Belgian Federal Scientific Institution under the authority of the Minister in charge of the Belgian Science Policy.