Space Weather Week Activity in 2013

Agenda of the Splinter Meeting of Topical Group SALE
Spacecraft, Aircraft and Launcher Environments
21 November , 2013 at Antwerp (Radisson Blu Hotel)
from 17.00--18.30 p.m. as part of Space Weather Week

  • Welcome and Introduction (S. McKenna-Lawlor, 5 min)
  • Energetic Particle Radiation Problems attending human space flight (S. McKenna-Lawlor, 20 min)
  • Calculating radiation exposures from Solar Particle Events (D. Matthiae, 20 min )
  • Report on current Space Weather related Aviation Issues (M. Meier, 20 min)
  • Radiation measurements from the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL/RAD) on its cruise phase to Mars (G.Reitz, 20 min),
  • Wrap up (S. McKenna-Lawlor, 5 min).