Space Weather Week Activity in 2012

We have a REALLY tight schedule this year for our traditional Splinter Meeting during Space Weather Week.

In the first half hour we will have a series of short reports from F. Di Marco, A. Hilgers, G. Reitz and myself and this will be followed by a dedicated session on Space Weather effects aboard aircraft (see the details below).

I look forward to welcoming you all for what promises to be a BUMPER SESSION.

Agenda Topical Group Meeting on Spacecraft, Aircraft and Launcher Environments
    Space Weather Week, Brussels, November 8, 2012

  • Susan McKenna-Lawlor (STIL) Opening/Welcome. Report on Heads of Space Agencies follow-up actions re. Human Spaceflight.
  • Alain Hilgers: (ESA) Perspectives and future R&D opportunities on spacecraft environment interactions.
  • G. Reitz (DLR): Radiation health impacts on the way to Mars.
  • Werner Rühm (GSF, Munich): Overview on EuRaDos activities (20)
  • Iva Ambrozova(UJF, Praha): Measurements in airplanes (20)
  • Erwin Flückiger(Univ. Bern): Exposures to SPE’s in airflight altitudes (20)
  • Nicole Santen DLR, Cologne): Measurements in Flight altitudes following the Fukushima Accident (10)
  • Daniel Matthiä (DLR, Cologne): Calculation of Exposure Levels in LEO (20)
  • S. McKenna-Lawlor Conclusion/Wrap up

F. DiMarco apologises that, due to testing commitments at ESTEC, he is unable to attend.