COST 724 & COST ES0803

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is one of the longest-running European instruments supporting cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe. This intergovernmental framework allows the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. COST initiates two actions to develop an interdisciplinary network between European scientists dealing with space weather:

COST 724

Developing the basis for monitoring, modelling and predicting Space Weather

Start of Action: 24/11/2003 End of Action: 23/11/2007

The European Space Weather Web Portal results from this COST Action. The Action also initiated the annual European Space Weather Week (ESWW), supported 35 short term scientific missions and organised in 2006 a space weather school with ICTP (Trieste, Italy) and UNESCO. The Action also published 2 books, 2 special issues of Annales Geophysicae and more than 350 scientific papers in international refereed journals. Two special issues are still in preparation and are planned to be published in December 2008 (Acta Geophysicae) and early 2009 (Space Science Reviews).

Other resources resulting from this action:

  • Yellow pages of projects related to the COST Action (Poland) (offline)
    The section Yellow pages contains a clickable map of Europe with links to Regional Warning Centres, Solar, Computer programms, Database, Geomagnetic, Educational, World Data Centres, Ionospherei and telecommunication, Observatories, Present data, Forecasts.
  • Catalogs of Models and Data Sources (Italy) (outdated)


Developing space weather products and services in Europe

Start of Action: 16/11/2008

As a successor of the previous action, this Action will continue the build up of an European interdisciplinary network of geospace scientists, warning system developers and operators with the goal of developing space weatheri products and services in Europe.


  • WG 1: Advanced methods to model and predict space weather effects
    • SG 1.1: Progress in scientific understanding of space weather
    • SG 1.2: Performance of available research and operational models
    • SG 1.3: Improvement of operational models
    • SG 1.4: Codes for new space weather products and services
  • WG 2: Space weather products and services
    • SG 2.1: Identification of current space weather products
    • SG 2.2: Market segmentation including cartography and user requirements
    • SG 2.3: Feasibility study for new market-oriented products and services
  • WG 3: Exploitation, dissemination, education and outreach
    • SG 3.1: Upgrade of the European Space Weather Portal
    • SG 3.2: Dissemination of advanced scientific and technical results
    • SG 3.3: Seminar and training courses
    • SG 3.4: General public outreach to the non-specialist

COST action homepage:

Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate

List of recent articles