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Title: eHEROES - Cooling of flare loops of the X1.4 class flare of 22 September 2011
Abstract: Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and flares are transient phenomena with huge energy releases originating from the solar corona. They can immensely influence the conditions of the heliosphere and the space weather at Earth. We investigate the evolution of the X1.4 class flare observed on 22 September 2011 that was also connected with a CME and a coronal wave event. From Earth, the event was observed on the solar limb and thus allows measurements of the height of the loops tops and obtaining the height-time curve of the evolving loops. Identifying and tracking loop tops in different wavelengths covering a wide temperature range further allows to derive the cooling rate of flare loops. For the multi-wavelength study, we use SDO/AIA data as well as H-alpha data from the Kanzelhoehe Observatory.
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