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Title: STCE annual meeting 2009: Science communication

The STCE encompasses sciences from Sun to Earth. Those sciences and the resulting applications converge to Space Weather. Modern life has become dependent on space weather.

The STCE has the task to communicate this knowledge and related services to other parties: companies, scientists, amateur astronomers, and the general public.

The science communication has the goal to highlight the justification and relevance of the STCE. Through the activities and expertise of the STCE, we have to raise the awareness of the existence and consequences of space weather effects to third parties. From this point of view, companies with space related activities, companies with interest in navigation and radio-communication, energy plants, aviation… are important targets.

Further objectives are to increase the visibility of the STCE as the Belgian expertise in the solar-terrestrial domain and as an important international partner in scientific research and space weather services.

We distinguish between the professional and the non-professional community. The EPO-officer have to play an important role to set up a regular communication channel with the non-professional community, e.g. in the form of educative presentations.

We present our activities performed in 2007 and 2008.

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