The European Space Weather Portal is an integrated website that was developed under the COST 724 action, in the frame of Working Group 4 - Space Weather Observations and Services. It provides a centralized access point for the members of the space weather community to share their knowledge and results. The services provided by the portal include the possibility to access space weather data, both in graphical and various numerical forms. The portal also provides a platform to run both local and remote models, and access the results of these model runs.
One of the most important contributions of the Space Weather Web Portal is its ability to provide forecasts and predictions of space weather conditions and/or effects on technological systems. Indeed, as space weather is an application driven discipline, a key measure of its success and usefulness is the existence or development of services that allow some form of mitigation for the effects that make up the field of space weather.
The Space Weather Web Portal is mainly a distributed facility where codes can be run from distant computers, data can be downloaded and catalogues may be consulted.