Space Weather Week Activity in 2015

Agenda of the Business Meeting of Topical Group SALE
Spacecraft, Aircraft and Launcher Environments
on 25 November 2015 (15.00-16.30) during the 12th European Space Weather
week in Oostende, Belgium.

The SALE recommendation that Dr. Andrea Accomazzo (ESA) be invited to present a keynote address on the topic “Rosetta: flying through gas and dust” was accepted by the Organizing Committee and this presentation will be made on Wednesday 25 November at 09.00 a.m.

The SALE Co-Chair Dr. Federico di Marco (Telespazio Vega) will not present his usual address to SALE this year as the talk scheduled for our Group “Gaia: first year flight operation in L2 environment” has now become the subject of a Keynote Lecture to be presented to the SWW community on Thursday, 26 November at 09.30 a.m.

Everyone is invited to attend these important presentations which we are proud to see spinning off from the activity within SALE.

Agenda of SALE Meeting on 25 November 2015 ( 15.00-16.30)
  1. McKenna-Lawlor (Chair)
    Opening Remarks, outlining the highlights and outcomes of the last SALE meeting (during the 11th. European Space Weather Week in Liege) regarding a study of space weather at comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko. Also, a new general study activity within SALE ‘Space Weather at Comets’ is introduced in which participation from members of the group is invited.
    10 minutes
  2. G. Reitz (Co-Chair)
    “Update on measurements made by the RAD/MSL instrument on Mars”
    30 minutes
  3. M. Meier
    “Improving Space Weather Communication: The D-Index for Aviation”
    30 minutes
  4. J. Americo Gonzalez-Esparza
    Observations of Interplanetary Scintillation (IPS) using the Mexican Array Radio Telescope (MEEXART)
    10 minutes
  5. General Discussion of the topics presented (lead by S. McKenna-Lawlor)
    10 minutes
  6. Wrap-up