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Title: eHEROES - Evolution of the flare loop system of the X1.4 class flare of 22 September 2011
Abstract: CMEs and flares are transient phenomena with huge energy releases originating from the solar corona. We investigate and analyze the evolution of the X1.4-class flare/CME event of 22 September 2011 that produced a distinct system of flare loops. Viewed from Earth, the event was observed on the solar limb, enabling us to derive height-time curves of the evolving loops. For a continuous tracking of the loop system in high-temporal resolution EUV data using SDO/AIA data, we developed a method that automatically detects the height of the loop tops over a given reference point by analyzing the intensity profile perpendicular to the solar limb. With this method, we measure the height-time profiles of the loop system in the different wavelength channels over a time period of 12 hours after the flare onset. We identify characteristic features in the height-time curves which stem from a non-uniform growth of the flare loop system related to the ongoing magnetic reconnection process. We put special focus on the early phase of the event for which we compare the growth of the loop system with the kinematics of the associated CME and aim to connect the physics behind the rapid growth of the loop system with changes in the kinematical behavior of the CME or enhanced soft X-ray flux.
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