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Title: ESWW8: SWWT SALE topical group
Authors: DI MARCO, F. (VEGA)
Abstract: The Spacecraft, Aircraft and Launcher Environments Topical Group was formed to act as a conduit between the space weather community and ESA providing, in particular, inputs on matters concerning space weather effects on spacecraft, aircraft and launchers and accounts of related services. The space environments considered include: plasma, particle radiation, electromagnetic radiation and micro-particles. Consequent effects taken into account include electrostatic discharges (ESD); electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues; single event upsets (SEUs) in electronic components and subsystems; dose effects on living cells. This presentation is given during the annual meeting of the topical group on the European Space Weather Week on 1 December, 2011 from 16.30-18.30 local time.
Insert date: 2012 Mar 6
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