The Space Weatheri European Network (SWENETi) Software Infrastructure is a web portal providing access to services and data related to the space environment and its effects

This includes:

  • Aurora Forecast
  • Geomagnetic activity and GICi forecast
  • Radio communications conditions
  • Quality of satellite navigation services
  • Satellite anomalies & operational support

The SWENETi portal also provides a wide range of data on the space environment, collecting it from various external sources and making it available through a common database. Users can search data from specific time periods and combine different sources, providing a powerful analysis tool. The results can then be either displayed in the web browser, downloaded as text files or plotted graphically.

SWENETi has been developed in the frame of the ESAi's Space Weatheri Pilot Project in order support European users with information and services related to space weatheri effects.